Our activities at the subsequent stages of the project's implementation include:

Agreeing needs and opportunities through consultations between potential technology suppliers and customers;
 Providing technical support at the initial arrangements stage during meetings at client sites in Poland or at our partners abroad;
Organisation and support of visits to reference sites both in Poland and abroad;

◎ Handling and interpreting working meetings remotely;
◎  Translation of offers, technical documentation, contracts and layouts;
  Intermediation between the two project parties and the financing institutions;
 Coordination of deliveries;
Coordination of assembly, start-ups and commissioning of machines and production lines.

We provide the latest information about technologies available at our partners, analyse the needs of our clients and guide both parties through the process of agreeing on opportunities and needs that may result in potential cooperation.

When it comes to cooperation, we coordinate the exchange of information, acting in the area of translation of technical documentation, contracts and other necessary documents.

Being jointly responsible for the implementation of the investment project, we become a partner and guardian of the Polish client as well as a coordinator of the activities of the technology supplier from abroad.

We remain in constant contact with both parties during the exploitation of the supplied equipment, coordinating service and supply of operating and spare parts.