Prefasprzęt started to operate in 2015. One of the first partners with whom we signed a partnership agreement and are still working today is a German manufacturer of boards for the production of paving stones. Assyx GmbH from Andernach was planning to strengthen its presence in Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia and was looking for specialists to whom it could entrust brand promotion.

With several other companies in the sector interested in cooperating with us, we decided to set up a company that would enable us to formalize our activities and conduct them in a transparent and professional manner.

In the same first year, Kraft Curing Systems GmbH, a company offering controlled and accelerated curing systems for concrete products, joined Prefasprzęt as a partner, followed by: Hawkeye Pedershaab - a Danish manufacturer of machines, equipment and lines for the production of concrete manholes and sewer pipes, the German company BFS offering machines for the production of precast concrete products used in the construction of underground and energy infrastructure, and Apilion machines + services GmbH - a German manufacturer of automatic welding machines for the production of mesh and reinforcement cages.

Since 2019, we represent in Poland the interests of R&W Industrieautomation GmbH, a German supplier of production control systems for industry. In 2021, Prefasprzęt's circle of partners has expanded to include the German company VOLLERT GmbH, which offers lines with tooling for the production of components used in volume construction: industrial, warehouse and residential.

With partners covering different areas of demand, we are able to equip a production facility built from scratch. Our knowledge of the offered solutions, together with constant industry monitoring and market analysis, allow us to be an advisor that not only proposes tailor-made production technologies, but also provides information on the areas in which it is worth investing in.

In addition to working with strategic partners, we have numerous contacts among the world's leading manufacturers of prefabrication machinery and equipment. This allows us to equip the production facility with technologies outside of the product catalog. We offer solutions tailored to the needs and expectations of our clients and are constantly expanding the range of products on offer. We believe that the use of innovative technologies is the future of prefabrication, which should meet the expectations of our customers.

  • 2015 •

    Establishment of Prefasprzęt Sp. z o.o., signing of the first agency agreements: Assyx GmbH, Kraft Curing Systems GmbH

  • • 2016

    to Prefasprzęt's partners join: Hawkeye Pedershaab and BFS, which consolidate in 2017 and henceforth operate under the common brand Afinitas.

  • 2019 •

    R&W Industrieautomation GmbH is another partner acquired from the industrial automation sector

  • • 2020

    Apilion machines + services GmbH joins the group of companies cooperating with Prefasprzęt

  • 2021 •

    Prefasprzęt gains Vollert GmbH as a partner