Atlantic - system for highly efficient production of premium-quality concrete manholes and pipes

The BFS Atlantic system offers highly efficient production of high-quality concrete manholes and pipes.

Thanks to extremely short cycle times (about 45 seconds!), the two carriage-system provides high productivity in direct de-molding. In addition, the modular system for single (Atlantic Mono) or double (Atlantic Duo) production requires little space and can be tailored to the specific requirements of a plant.

Depending on the machine model, a typical Atlantic unit offers an annual production capacity of up to 70,000 tons of product.

Atlantic comes in 2 models:

  Atlantic 1500 (DN 300 up to 1500 mm, product h: 100 – 2500 mm, length: up to 2500 mm)
◎  Atlantic 2000 (DN 300 up to 2000 mm, product h: 100 – 2500 mm, length: up to 2500 mm)

Device features and benefits of use:

◎  Efficient production of manhole risers and pipes of the highest quality and performance with diameters from DN 300 mm to DN 2000 mm

◎  Production of manhole risers or cones equipped with manhole steps (manhole step elements can be vibrated during production)

◎  Proven anchor insertion systems that allow transport anchors (hooks, barrels) to be inserted and concreted semi- or fully automatically

◎  Possible reverse molding function - BFS Atlantic's ROTO unit makes it possible to add an automatic mold turning function to the system, which works with manhole bases and other components

◎  Automatic reinforcement insertion systems: for inserting reinforcement rings or cages into manufactured concrete pipes and manhole elements; in addition, short changeover times guarantee high production efficiency

◎  Automated, numerically controlled Atlantic PUMA base pallets handling system (feeding and returning of base pallets from stock to machine and application of release agent, efficient and fast cleaning)

◎  Automated crane robot BFS Robotrac to simplify the transportation of fresh products and the collection of finished concrete products

◎  Strong compaction through the use of a frequency-controlled center vibrator and hydraulic clamping of the mold core

◎  Machine can be operated by one person

◎  Low noise emission (low noise level during the production process - subsurface technology)

◎  Software-controlled system with two carriages allowing different ways of de-molding

◎  Safe and convenient working height from floor level in terms of operation

◎  Small foundation depth..