AUTOCURE® - measurement and control technology for reliable and precise control of the curing process


The Autocure equipment offered by Kraft Curing automatically measures and controls temperature and relative humidity to achieve reproducible parameters for the curing process.

Automating the curing process increases its accuracy and efficiency and improves the quality and consistency of the concrete. It thus guarantees cost savings by preventing overcuring.

In addition, the measurement technology from Kraft Curing enables the curing process to be easily and precisely monitored from anywhere - via smartphone, tablet or PC.

Customer benefits:

• Robust temperature sensors (NEMA 4X) powered by lithium D batteries
Battery life of 5+ years with two-minute measurement intervals
Line-of-sight range of 305 metres from the wireless transmitter
Can be integrated into existing control systems
The temperature sensor can be eitherer an RTD probe or a thermocouple wire to measure thetemperature inside concrete temperature inside concrete


SENSORS - enable process measurability: they measure the temperature of the concrete and the relative humidity of the environment in which the curing process takes place.

ACCESS INTERFACE ANYWHERE - enables the concrete curing plant to be connected to modern means of communication, such as a computer, smartphone or tablet. It thus provides constant access to and control of the curing processes at any time and from anywhere (even from home or from the road). It also makes it possible to intervene in the process and compare curing parameters.

You can read more about the interface here

The MATCH-CURE quality control system enables quality control of large concrete elements to ensure the correct ideal degree of hardness

The VAPORWARE V2® quality management system measures, records, stores and prints all climatic curing data independently of the computer.