Vollert's automated circulation systems set the technical standard worldwide in the field of modern precast concrete production:

◎ optimal degree of automation to guarantee economical processes

◎ state-of-the-art machine technology guaranteeing rational working processes (CAD CAM-controlled formwork robots, fully automated concrete spreaders, innovate turning devices, intelligent loading and lifting technology).

Production is carried out on casting pallets, which are transported in a circuit from station to station.

Precast elements are mainly flat elements such as slabs (floor slabs and hollow core slabs) and walls (solid walls, double walls, sandwich panels), but also special parts or other precast concrete elements.

Customer benefits:

◎ an increase in quantity, quality and production efficiency while reducing production costs - the investment compared to a stationary production process is higher, but pays off very quickly with sufficient capacity;

◎ any degree of automation: from simple modular basic solutions to highly complex multifunctional systems.