Automatic storage retrieval machine and curing chamber


The curing chamber consists of a shelf system that is optimally adapted to the local conditions and divided into rows of floors. The pallets are led on rollers to the curing chamber and stored there.

The curing chamber is used for storing pallets during the hardening process of freshly concreted precast elements or for storing empty pallets. The pallet movements are carried out by a automatic storage and retrieval machine.

The shelf system can be enclosed with insulating panels and equipped with a sectional door system. Depending on customer requirements, a heating system can be installed. Special braking systems prevent the stored pallets from sliding off during vibration.


Automatic storage retrieval machine is used to store pallets with fresh product in the racking system and to retrieve pallets with finished products from the racking system. Automatic storage and retrieval machines can also handle additional tasks, such as supplying intermediate platforms or other stations. The handling in the safety zone of the racking system and the crosshead is done automatically.

Depending on the concept of the plant, automatic storage and retrieval machines are used, either stationary, ceiling-based or floor-based. Floor based automatic storage and retrieval machines are designed with or without a pit in the raft foundation, depending on the customer's requirements. Lifting capacities range from 10 tonnes to more than 50 tonnes, lifting and travel speeds are adapted to the necessary cycle time.