Ringblitz - manhole grade ring system

RINGBLITZ is an automated system for the production of short frame parts, cover plates and manhole grade rings with integrated cast iron frames compliant with DIN 4.034, Parts 1 and 2 and many special products.:

  • manhole grade rings with construction heights from 30 up to 200 mm and outside diameters up to 1,100 mm
  • concrete rings for street gullies DN 300 bis 600 mm; maximum construction height 500 mm
  • concrete covers and frames.

Ringblitz offers a flexible production option in single or double mode, with or without base pallets. The listed products are produced by the machine efficiently and with the highest quality. Ringblitz makes it possible to customize the production line, including peripheral equipment, from small batches to large-scale production.

Machine features and benefits for the manufacturer:

made as an above-ground machine in a modular system, no underground space required

extremely short cycle times

low operator workload (thanks to the high-tech control panel, one person can control the production flow and assemble parts and temporarily store and remove products from the machine)

 frequency-controlled central vibrating unit

short changeover time guarantees high production efficiency

 change of design height without significant interruptions in production

unloading product gripper makes it possible to produce a series of products completely without base pallets (Ringblitz separates the fresh concrete ring from the forming device already in the machine)

 optional: lifting system for base rings, product transport system, packing station.

With multiple stacking and automatic release agent feeding, fresh products can be stacked directly on top of each other and cured in the stack in a space-saving manner. The Ringblitz Mono can produce more than 500 grade rings in an 8-hour shift, and the Ringblitz Duo version can almost double the capacity.

An investment in Ringblitz is an investment in superior quality and unparalleled productivity.