CONVECT-AIR® - product curing system by controlled circulation of warm air


The CONVECT-AIR® system from KRAFT CURING speeds up the concrete curing process by means of controlled heating of the circulating air in the curing chamber. The system is designed to raise the temperature during the curing of wet-cast precast concrete products (wet-cast and products with a high W/C ratio).

Kraft Curing guarantees:

  • heating of the air circulating in the curing chamber
  • the solution is efficient, minimises heat loss and energy costs
  • 93% efficiency
  • ideal for precast elements with a high w/c ratio
  • curing temperature from 40°C to 60°C with a tolerance of +/- 3°C

Customer benefits from using the system:

  • consistent initial strength increase
  • reduced number of corner and edge breakages
  • significantly reduced curing time, up to 8 - 10 hours
  • efficient, effective, easy to use and maintain
  • efficient drying system after vapor or steam curing
  • available with diesel, natural gas or propane-butane burner, using hot water or steam