HWM automatic hoop welding machine from Apilion

The Hoop Welding Machine HWM automatically forms and welds hoops for manhole production directly from coil. The process makes ring production simple and economical because the machine operates fully automatically, without the need for operator supervision.

The reinforcement wire diameter can range from 5 mm to 8 mm, the diameter of the hoop from 600 to 1800 mm with a manufacturing tolerance of +/-5 mm.

The ends of the hoops are welded together in a resistance spot welding process. This means there is no need for welding materials such as shielding gas, nozzles or welding wire.

The HWM can produce up to 400 hoops per hour, with a choice of two sizes: up to 1,800 or up to 2,700 mm in diameter.

Changing the hoop diameter takes only about 1 minute.

The required floor space for the machine is only 4 x 6.5 meters.

The values given correspond to the standard configuration of the apilion. Other configurations are available on request.