Hydraulic column moulds


Available in any required length, the hydraulically operated column forms offer maximum flexibility. The following sizes are available as standard: height 400 - 1,200 mm and width 100 - 1,000 mm; optional extensions in height and width can be realised at any time.

For both mono and duplex moulds, it is possible to configure almost all dimensions to suit specific requirements.


The column mould consists as standard of a moulding base with a fixed central platform and movable side platforms. The mould sections of different lengths can be operated both individually or hydraulically by means of full-length coupling plates.

With the optional sliding plate, which is connected to the side platform by a pulling mechanism, de-moulding is greatly facilitated. In this case, the finished concrete element including the floor form rests on the sliding plate and is separated from the centre mould surface before lifting out.


The column moulds are also available with an additional forming unit for the production of foundation footings. An integrated prestressing unit and heating register can be used to produce pre-stressed concrete elements. In order to compact the concrete, vibrators are attached to the steel side formwork or side frame structures.


In KOMBITEC construction, it is also possible to change the positioning in the required positions. In this case, the vibrator motors transmit energy to the mould via a central cable.

KOMBITEC elements are extremely flexible in terms of longitudinal layout and height. Configuration to create cross consoles of different heights is possible, as well as frame structures.

The couplings are designed so that the surface of the panels is aligned by means of quick-release mechanisms. An integrated central cable guarantees quick connection and independent positioning of the vibrators. This design ensures optimum compaction of the fabricated component.


Choose between single moulds or multifunctional duplex moulds for maximum plant efficiency.