The JUMBO machine, with its ability to adapt to different needs, will produce almost anything: from ordinary concrete or reinforced concrete pipes, through products with non-standard cross-sections to oval or rectangular special manholes and manhole bases:

  Jacking pipes, inliner pipes ( PVC, GRP, HDPE) - production on Jumboliner machine extension;

  Rectangular cross-section components with internal dimensions up to 3,000 x 3,000 mm, as well as pipes with non-standard and special cross-sections (e.g., egg-shaped, oval, semicircular or with a kinetic for low flows);

  Large pipes with standard diameters up to DN 4,000 mm.


Jumbo rotary concrete feeding device with rotary arm efficiently transporting concrete to the mold;

Frequency controlled drive for optimal concrete filling;

Central vibrator equipped with several heads (depending on the length of the concrete pipe) for intense and consistent compaction;

Jumbo core multilevel central vibrating system - advantages: short changeover times (thanks to the hydraulic system), modular system of vibrator head construction enabling production of products of different sizes, intensive concrete compaction thanks to appropriately calculated vibration forces and standard rotational speed of 4200 rpm;

Rigid mounting cross (sub-form) for the vibrating table with quick-attachment system;

Concrete feeding system with CNC control, laser material quantity measurement and remote control.

BFS Jumbo Liner & Jumbo Duo

The Jumbo Liner system can produce PVC and HDPE lined products, while the Jumbo Duo will combine the production capabilities of two Jumbo machines in one system. The Jumbo Duo allows simultaneous production of two different products, optimizing daily output

Depending on the machine's model (6 models are currently available), configuration and manufactured products, the Jumbo can produce between 35,000 and 100,000 tons of products per year.