KARIBIC BFS is a fully automated line that allows the production of concrete products - depending on the equipment in Mono or Duo technology. The machine can be used as a simple stand-alone machine or can be equipped to fully automate the production process.

Many concrete producers choose the Karibic BFS because of its short changeover times, which guarantee optimal use of the machine. The customization possibilities are almost unlimited, with the Karibic line producing almost the full range of manhole products:

◎  manhole risers and cones with diameters from DN 600 mm to DN 1500 mm

◎  manhole bases with diameters up to DN 1200 mm

◎  Concrete pipes with diameters from DN 100 to DN 1500 mm

◎  Street and yard gullies

In addition, thanks to the short production cycle times, the Karibic line ensures high productivity. This simultaneity potential guarantees a quick return on investment. Depending on the machine model, a typical BFS Karibic has an annual production capacity of 70,000 tons of products with single-shift operation.

Machine features and benefits for the manufacturer:

◎  structural height of all manufactured parts from 100 to 1,300 mm

◎  low noise level during the production process (subsurface technology)

◎  short changeover times guarantee high production efficiency

◎  extensive hydraulic system with cutting-edge proportional valve technology for power reserves, operational safety and short cycle times

◎  increased concrete compaction thanks to frequency-controlled central vibrator and hydraulic tensioning (hydraulic clamping of the mold core)

◎  low operator workload (thanks to a high-tech control panel, the production process can be controlled by one employee; in addition, he can assemble parts and temporarily store and remove products from the machine).

After de-molding, products can be automatically transported from the machine to the curing station using a computer-controlled ROBOTRAC system from BFS or a returnable electric transport cart.

During curing, the rings on the spigot ends remain on the concrete products. This results in high dimensional accuracy and circularity of the spigot end profiles.

In the Karibic system, manhole step elements can be inserted into the core manually, semi-automatically or fully automatically. This can be done simultaneously with the insertion of the reinforcement hoops. BFS has patented this process. The reinforcements and cast iron manhole elements, or manhole brackets, are then concreted while the mix is being compacted.