UNIVERSAL - versatile modular machine for the production of manhole bases, risers & cones

BFS UNIVERSAL is a machine based on an extremely flexible concept. The modular system designed mainly for fast-growing markets can be expanded gradually and according to the needs and growth of market demand. Production can be started with a relatively low investment, expanding the plant later according to growing demand. In addition, thanks to its modular design, relocation of the plant can be done with relatively little effort and simple means.

At the same time, the quality of the manufactured products remains at the highest level even in the simplest configuration.

The machine has a robust design and is almost maintenance-free.

It consists of the following parts:

◎  Concrete feeding unit

◎  Mold equipment with accessories

◎  Hydraulic unit

◎  Electronic control system

Pressing arm


It allows production of: cones (DN 800 - 1200, l: 1300), manhole risers (DN 800 - 1500, l: 1300), manhole bases (DN 1000 - 1200, l 1500), box culverts (1000 x 1000, l 1300).


Efficient feeding

The Universal concrete conveying unit is equipped with a conveyor belt with a concrete holding hopper. The unit is mounted on the ground by means of a base frame with ball bearings. The feeder is rotated by an electronically controlled conveyor belt drive.

BFS Universal pressing arm (hydraulic press arm)

The hydraulically swiveling press arm is mounted on the main frame of the BFS Universal machine. A press head for forming the spigot end, a rotary press gear and a press head mounting bracket are attached to the machine. The press arm is controlled by Universal's electric control device with manual control (suitable for 230/400 V, 50 Hz).

Robust mold equipment

The Universal BFS machine is equipped with an inner and outer mold with accessories and a lifting bar useful for handling concrete products. The machine uses center vibrators mounted in the mold core. A frequency converter can be installed as an option.

Why it is worth to invest in a BFS Universal machine for the production of manhole bases, risers and cones? 

  1. Low foundation depth.
  2. Durable components with long lifetime.
  3. Easy installation.
  4. Simple, modular design.
  5. Superior production quality.
  6. Easy operation .
  7. Universal application.
  8. Efficiency.
  9. Reliability.