MAMMUT BFS is a high-performance machine for the production of box culverts and other large-scale concrete products. The efficient technology of the high-powered vibrating table ensures efficient production in accordance with the highest quality requirements.

The vibrating table shows high stability and rigidity, and its construction guarantees uniform vibration distribution over the entire surface. Temperature-resistant vibrators with an external central drive (electric motor with frequency converter) do not require maintenance even in the harshest climatic conditions. With the inverter, the vibration force can be easily adjusted from 0 to 100%. The inverter does not require hydraulic fluid, which means there is no cooling or oil leakage.


◎ Optimized performance:

The mold jacket and reinforcement cage are inserted by crane onto the core. Heavy-duty hydraulic clamping jaws brace the mold jacket on a stable, rigid vibrating table that uses a pneumatically controlled leveling system.

To ensure the highest dimensional accuracy, the mold jacket along with base pallet and concrete product is gently lifted after the production process is completed. The product is then transported to the curing station.

Once the clamping devices between the mold jacket and base pallet are released, the jacket is lifted and can be used in the next production cycle.

In order to optimally shape the spigot end of the product, the spigot end sharper remains on the product for a predetermined period of time.

◎ CNC controls to ensure dimensional precision:

The concrete feeding hopper is filled via a conveyor belt or traveling bucket. The numerically controlled Mammut system accurately reproduces the geometry of a particular product. The exact interaction between the pre-programmed feeding speed and the laser measuring system guarantees an uniform filling of the mold. Optimum and uniform compaction does not require manual intervention by the machine operator, since the contour control and frequency-controlled vibration are completely guided by the CNC.

◎ Customized profiled spigot ends:

With the Mammut machine, individually shaped spigot ends can be achieved. They are formed under vibration by eight hydraulic clamping cylinders integrated into the core. This production step is fully automated, and all parameters can be selected via a touchscreen.

◎ Two different concrete feeding systems:

Linear feeding (x/y) for very large concrete products and for producing doual-box production (double culverts or double channels) Swivel feeding with rotating discharge belt and CNC contour control. Both concrete feeding systems can be equipped with laser fill level control.

◎ The flexible and economical modular mold system BFS Modu-Mould:

With the modular mold system, different components can be combined in a wide range of mold dimensions. Mold cores and jackets, base pallets and spigot ends sharpers are all part of one homogeneous system. This reduces investment costs and increases production flexibility. The use of modular molds, base pallets and profile rings enables flexible and economical production of frame profiles and non-standard parts.


Depending on the machine model, a typical Mammut line has an annual production capacity of 100,000 tons of products.


RANGE: Depending on requirements, there are various machine sizes to choose from - from the small M4030 (4m x 3m table area) to the large M8668 (8.6m x 6.8m table area).

HIGH QUALITY PRODUCTS: MAMMUT is characterized by excellent dimensional accuracy and clean product surfaces.

LOW MAINTENANCE COSTS: Temperature-resistant vibrators with external central electric drive do not require high maintenance even in the harshest climatic conditions and ensure trouble-free production.