Afinitas drycast formwork and mold equipment

Thanks to the close cooperation between the BFS and Hawkeye Pedershab brands, Afinitas can offer its customers an exceptionally comprehensive range of molds for vibro-pressed products.

Based on the experience of both manufacturers in designing and producing precise, robust and durable molds, it is safe to say that they take the production of concrete products in precast plants to the next level.

Afinitas molds can be used to produce almost all infrastructure concrete products. Afinitas employees do their best to cover the prefabrication market's demand for high-quality molds.

Afinitas joint rings

Afinitas is a full-source supplier of high-quality forming pallets and forming rings used to form the joints of manufactured concrete products.

HawkeyePedershaab and BFS joint rings are put through rigorous quality control to ensure that concrete products do not deviate from the tolerances and specifications required by the market.

Available in any shape and size, HawkeyePedershaab and BFSs joint rings are created by casting, stamping or pressing processes - depending on the customer's wishes and application.

In applications where stay-in-place headers are not used, the spigotforming set rings can be made of fiberglass. This allows these to be easily handled by workers while maintaining their dimensional integrity.