SHV-VISU - intuitive visualisation software

The SHV-VISU visualisation software is part of the R&W height measurement system, which enables the user to operate comfortably, store data efficiently and analyse it easily.

The collected data is stored entirely in a database. The company's existing server or the local PC supplied with the SHV500 can be used.

The Windows-based multilingual SHV-VISU software is designed for installation on multiple PCs in a company network. When doing so, it is important to distinguish between the server version and the client PC software version.

For each SHV500 (or SHV200), an SHV-VISU server is installed once on an industrial PC. It offers full functionality and should always be switched on for data recording.

The SHV-VISU-Client version can be installed on several computers in the company network. This version only has access to read server data. The client can connect to multiple servers if there are several SHV500 systems in the plant. This makes it possible to obtain an overview of all measurement systems from one central location.

Advantages of SHV VISU application:

◎ simple, intuitive operation

◎ clear display of results

◎ storage of data for each production pallet in a database

◎ early detection of irregularities during production thanks to display of trends

◎ statistical analysis of stored production data

◎ management of recipe parameters for different products

◎ access to data from any computer on the network

◎ possibility of exporting selected data to Office applications.


In addition to the web visualisation via the application, a visualisation version for Windows is also available. The following additional functions are available:

◎ intuitive operation

◎ archivisation of measurement results

◎ graphic display of archived measurement results

◎ tabular display of archived measurement results

◎ early detection of irregularities during production thanks to display of trends

◎ filter functions facilitate data selection

◎ statistical evaluation

◎ printing of tables and graphs

◎ export of data

◎ data can be accessed from any computer on the network.