PipePlus - versatile, highly efficient machine for the production of pipes, manhole rings and special purpose products

Afinitas offers a simple, reliable, easy-to-use HawkeyePedershaab PipePlus concrete pipe and manhole production machine.

The PipePlus machine is available with multiple modules and can produce pipes in quantities that can compete with the most powerful and much more expensive machines.

The PipePlus features production flexibility and a 10-minute mold changeover time, allowing manufacturers to fill special orders and keep inventory low. Using PIPEPLUS, it is possible to produce short runs of special products or products with smaller volumes.

PipePlus machines can produce three different sizes of pipe or other products simultaneously. The combination of versatility and efficiency is unmatched by any other machine.

PipePlus uses a pressurized vibration process to produce concrete pipes with diameters ranging from 250 mm to 1,800 mm and lengths up to 3.5 M. The machine also produces PVC-lined pipes, non-circular products such as arched, oval and elliptical pipes, manhole products such as rings and street gullies, slabs for lids, and pits.

PipePlus - versatile machine for pipes and manholes

What products can be produced on the PipePlus machine?

Depending on the machine model, a typical PipePlus system offers an annual production capacity of 60,000-70,000 tons of product with single-shift operation.

HawkeyePedershaab PipePlusPlus
HawkeyePedershaab PipePlus 96
HawkeyePedershaab PipePlusPlus Compact

Other models available upon request.


◎ Multiplied production cycle:

(production of up to 4 products simultaneously).

◎ Reliable technology: 

Automation is customized to the needs of the plant, and operation and maintenance of the machine are not complicated. Standard components are used whenever possible.

◎ Ten-minute mold changeover:

To further enhance the functionality of the PipePlus system, mold changeover is quick and easy, allowing changeover in as little as ten minutes. In fact, all you need to do is pull out a pair of bolts and disconnect the vibrators. Then simply remove the mold and put the new one into production.

◎ High productivity with the PipePlus Multiforms system:

HawkeyePedershaab's patented multiform modules allow the production of up to eight pipes in a single mold.

As a result, depending on the machine model and product diameter, PipePlus can produce up to 100 pipes/hour in multi-form molds. This excellent performance has made the PipePlus the machine of choice for manufacturers around the world.

◎ Flexibility and versatility in production:

The construction of the PipePlus' three-station turntable allows the simultaneous production of three different pipe sizes and shapes. PipePlus also allows the production of arch, circular, elliptical and jacking pipes, as well as a full range of manhole and street drain products.

◎ Easy operation and maintenance:

Wherever possible, commercially available components have been used, making the PipePlusPlus system easy to operate and maintain:

  • the concrete distribution feeder automatically adjusts to the mold size at the filling station and starts feeding concrete into the mold;
  • the feeding speeds and vibration settings are stored in the PLC for each product type (manual control is also available);
  • once the concrete trowel is placed in the filled set of molds, the compaction cycle automatically begins with the PipePlus press head;
  • the press head pushes on the trowel, forming the spigot end, mashes the joint surface and returns to the starting position for the next pipe;
  • for greater flexibility, concrete pipes can be removed from the PipePlus machine using an automatic or conventional overhead crane.

◎ High quality concrete products:

The PipePlus machine offers variable feeding speeds and vibration settings tailored to each type of product, ensuring high quality no matter what is being produced. In addition, the PipePlus pressureheading system uses heads that stay in place to ensure smooth, dimensionally accurate bells every time.

Basic features:

  • three-station rotary turntable with built-in operator platform
  • Concrete feeding system with adjustable feeder
  • Trowel system with built-in feeder arm
  • Fast mold changing components.


The PipePlus can be equipped with the following additional features:

  • Automatic feeder sleeve adjustment
  • PLC control system
  • Hydraulic distribution system
  • Mold rotator built into the table
  • Automatic pallet / reinforcement cage feeder
  • Adjustable vibration frequency
  • Remote lubrication kit
  • Tank load sensors for automatic dosing

Depending on market needs, PipePlus machines can be semi-automatic or manually controlled.