SHV500 - product height control system

The height measurement and control of precast concrete products.

Precisely. Efficiently. Simple.


The SHV 500 system is a universal system for measuring and controlling all available small-sized concrete products.

At the heart of the SHV500 is a high-resolution laser sensor with a measurement frequency of 2500 Hz.

1. Product height control and measurement method:

The SHV500 is mounted directly behind the block machine above the conveyor of the production boards. Products passing underneath the device are measured by three to six lasers to an accuracy of +/- 0.5 mm.

The measuring range for block heights is between 20 mm and 490 mm.

The height of the block is determined as the difference in relative height between the top surface of the products and the top surface of the board. This method of measurement ensures independence from height variables and eliminates inaccuracies that can result from different heights and quality of production boards.

The heights of the product rows are measured at a frequency of up to 7,500 measurements per second. Only the relevant surface features of the products are taken into account when calculating their heights.


2. Laser sensors:

The laser sensors are mounted on horizontally moving slides placed on an aluminium frame.

The slides allow the measuring position to be adjusted to the object currently being measured. This is necessary if various types of products need to be scanned.


3. SHV-VISU visualisation software::



In order to ensure the seamless integration of the SHV 500 measuring system into a modern production environment, R&W Industrieautomation has developed the multilingual Windows-based SHV-VISU software.

You can read more about the software here: tutaj.


4. Benefits of the SHV 500 system:

Precision. Strategy. Efficiency.

  • The SHV500 enables precise contact-free measurement of products.
  • The SHV500 offers a high degree of flexibility thanks to its modular design and can be optimally optimally adapted to individual requirements
  • The SHV500 works efficiently and is a guarantee of quality in production.