QUADRIX® - System for accelerated concrete curing by controlled supply of heat and humidity


The QUADRIX® system for accelerated concrete curing makes it possible to maintain constant curing conditions throughout the curing chamber (temperature 35 - 38°C, humidity 97 - 99%). Precise control of temperature, air circulation and humidity accelerates hardening, improves the appearance and quality of the products and reduces production costs.

Kraft Curing Guarantee:

• consistent curing temperature across the chamber equal to +/- 1 °C
• consistent relative humidity equal to +/- 3% across the entire chamber
• consistent air velocity of ≤ 1 m/s
• curing conditions adapted to the requirements of the production process

Customer benefits:

• significantly reduced hardening duration
• less breakage
• consistent colour and reduced risk of efflorescence               • elimination of condensation on chamber surfaces
• up to 10% reduction in cement quantity, reduced number of racks and production pallets