BFS SOUVERAEN - high performance machine for production of reinforced and non-reinforced pipes of high quality

Souveraen BFS is a flexible and efficient machine for the production of reinforced and unreinforced pipes with excellent inner and outer surfaces.

Souveraen BFS – constant product quality

Only one operator is needed to operate the fully automated, computer-controlled production. An advantage is the ability to save parameters for each type of pipe in the machine's memory, on which the changing operating staff has no influence.

The machine enables production of pipes in accordance with international standards:

◎  coccrete pipes

◎  reinforced concrete pipes

◎  pre-bed concrete pipes

◎  jacking pipes

◎  Pre-stressed concrete pipes (PCCP) with a construction length of up to 6 m

The Souveraen machine's ingenious design uses a roller head technology with multilevel anti-rotating rollers, controlled by a high-tech control system and guaranteeing universal compaction.


Features of the BFS Souveraen machine

◎ Proven compaction control - Souveraen S-Feed

The S-Feed compaction control system distinguishes the BFS Souveraen machine from all other packerhead machines. The amount of concrete is calculated in advance by the process control system and fed at precise quantities and rates. This ensures consistent concrete compaction throughout the entire production process. The result is consistently high quality concrete from bell to spigot end.

◎ Patented compaction device - Souveraen S-Compact

Souveraen's roller head technology consists of multilevel rollers that ensure uniform compaction. The counter-rotating movement perfectly embeds the reinforcement cage in the concrete and minimizes its twisting.

Souveraen S-Compact: compaction options

Additional systems:

  • a bell compactor equipped with two frequency-controlled vibrators and a rigid reversible unit. Its compaction capacity is 6 tons. This system works with three vibration periods at three different frequencies, which can be programmed for optimal compaction
  • the spigot end forming unit separates the forming and clamping functions, so that the spigot end is formed with high accuracy and does not require excessive processing.

Souveraen S-Eco: powerful and efficient drive system

The frequency-controlled electric motors of the S-Eco drive system, together with state-of-art spur gear transmission to create exact speeds and a high driving torque. This results in a very good compaction effect.

In the development of this device, energy efficiency and quiet operation were important aspects for BFS engineers. Vibrator noises only occur for a short time when filling the top flange.

Souveraen S-Flex: quick conversion

The Souveraen S-Flex resizing system automatically converts all key product parameters with the push of a button. This allows manufacturers to maximize machine operation and increase production flexibility.

Customer benefits:

• with the S-Flex system, the molding set can be changed without any problems associated with rebuilding

• no manual adjustment of machine parameters is required

• quick size setting facilitates off-machine preparation and quick pre-positioning of sizing equipment

BFS Ecoresist Pipe Liner: Liner pipes

With BFS Souveraen, manufacturers can easily expand their product offerings by integrating the BFS ECORESIST concrete pipe liner system into a new or existing machine.

ECORESIST pipes are fully lined with an internal corrosion-resistant polymer cover that is permanently attached inside the pipe. With polymer spigot ends and bell ends, ECORESIST guarantees a precise fit and resistance to shear forces, as well as easy handling during installation on site (integrated sealing gasket).