Surface treatment technology


The trowelling machine smooths the surface of the precast concrete part turned away from the casing. The precast concrete part is stored for a defined period of time in a curing chamber or in a buffer at the troweling stations. Then, the troweling machine, equipped with adjustable rotating vanes and various add-on discs, runs over the pallet and smooths down the concrete element.


The precast layer facing away from the formwork is smoothed immediately after concreting by using a puller. This is carried out by pulling the puller along the concrete surface in the longitudinal direction of the pallet. The puller can function as a separate machine or be attached to the concrete distributor.


Once the concrete element is hardened, the concrete work is transferred to the blast system. This may be carried out by a trolley or a ceiling-mounted conveying system. The degree of automation depends on what the customer wants. In the blasting unit, the operator processes the surface of the concrete product until the desired result is achieved.


The roller is used when processing open-structured lightweight concrete. Due to the composition of this type of concrete, it needs to be further compacted after concreting and spread additionally from the top. This is done by means of a roller moving along the pallet.