Tarp roller for longer moulds


The motor-driven tarp roller from KRAFT CURING ensures effective and reliable spreading of tarps on long moulds, e.g. on casting beds for precast concrete or prestressed concrete. The wheel & rail system achieves a capacity of 120 m in 15 minutes.

Kraft Curing guarantee:

• self-propelled trolley, on steel wheels on rails or on wheels with tyres
• one trolley for multiple tracks with interchangeable paver rollers
• tarps made of non-flammable, UV-resistant material
• vinyl tarps available in weights of 420g/m2, 680 g/m2 or 900 g/m2

Customer benefits:

• cost-effective, reliable, durable and long-lasting
• time-saving: fast covering, 120 metres in 15 minutes
• space-saving: requires little storage space
• easy, careful winding of the covering
• prevents loss of heat and moisture
• ideal for Vapor and steam care