THERMALCURE® - accelerated concrete curing under the influence of radiant heat


The THERMALCURE® system accelerates the concrete curing process by generating and delivering radiant heat from spiral fin-tube pipes. Hot water circulates in the pipes in a closed circuit. The system is located beneath the concrete surface or pouring mould and is equipped with fully automatic valves. The location of the pipe system under the casting bed/table/mold eliminates the formation of puddles on the hall floor and, due to the lack of condensation on the cover, is ideal for the architectural finish of the precast surfaces.

Kraft Curing Guarantee:

  • accelerated concrete curing due to heat radiation
  • eliminates condensation and corrosion problems available with diesel, natural gas, propane butane gas burner and with hot water or steam heat exchanger
  • efficient, reliable and easy to operate and maintain

Customer benefits:

  • pre-heating of concrete beds/tables/tracks/moulds
  • consistently high level of pre-strength, demoulding of prefabricated parts after 10-12h, prestressed parts after 16-22h
  • water temperature from 70 °C to 110 °C, concrete temperature from 50 °C to 70 °C
  • no standing water on the hall floor - condensation-free architecturally finished surfaces
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