VIHY MASTERCAST SC 120 is a machine for the efficient production of manholes, rings and specialty products. The capacity of the MASTERCAST is up to 24 manhole components per hour.

In addition to the production of grade rings, cones and manholes with diameters up to 1200 mm and heights of 1200 mm, the VIHY table vibration system enables the optimal production of special non-circular products such as street gullies, retention basins, riser and slab products.

The VIHY Mastercast is designed to operate as a stand-alone automatic production machine or can be integrated into an automated production system.

What products can be produced on the Mastercast machine:


Depending on the machine model and the type of product, the Mastercast can perform 20-25 cycles per hour or produce up to 30-35,000 tons of products per year - in single-shift production.


Mastercast SC 120
product dimensions:

Manhole - diameter: 300 to 1200 mm; height: 50 mm to 1500 mm

Manholes with rectangular cross-section - 900 x 900 mm, height: 50 mm to 1500 mm

Mastercast SC 150
product dimensions:

Manhole - diameter: 300 to 1500 mm; height: 50 mm to 1500 mm

Manholes with rectangular cross-section - 1200 x 1200 mm, height: 50 mm to 1500 mm

Advantages of the system:

Fully automatic operation:

The automated operation of the Mastercast machine allows for precise repeating of production cycles, so that each product is produced with the same highest quality.

Further, Mastercast’s fully-automatic operation is monitored and controlled from a centralized touch-screen console.

In addition, the automatic demolding and pallet feeding can be combined with additional labor-saving features, allowing 1 or 2 operators to work at the line.

Automation and PLC control ensure optimum safety, continuous high productivity, lowest possible production costs and consistent product quality.

◎ Versatility and high production efficiency

The Mastercast can be used to produce manhole products, including grade rings, cones and manhole bases, in quantities of up to 150 units per shift, as well as high-volume production of specialty products.

This allows manufacturers to use one machine and one production crew to meet demand for all manhole components.

The machine's flexibility makes it possible to produce a wide range of concrete products - hollow, solid, flat, tall, circular, non-circular, reinforced and unreinforced products.

Elastyczność maszyny umożliwia produkcję szerokiej gamy wyrobów betonowych – produktów płaskich, wysokich, okrągłych, nieokrągłych, zbrojonych i niezbrojonych.

◎ VIHY Vibrating table

The vibrating unit allows a wide range of products of different shapes to be compacted evenly, making the Mastercast a versatile device.

In addition, the Mastercast is equipped with a universal mold clamping system, thus allowing a wider range of molds to be used. The vibration system delivers true vertical vibration to the molds, maximizing the energy transferred to the concrete and minimizing wear on the molds.

◎ De-molding in the machine - lower costs.

When developing the Mastercast system, every step, from filling and compacting to unmolding, was designed with an eye toward cost savings.

For even greater efficiency, the Mastercast can be equipped with a mold turning device so that products made in rotating molds can be turned 180° before being de-molded. In-machine de-molding eliminates the need for an overhead crane, which means the Mastercast can be installed in most existing plants, reducing the required capital costs.

◎ Ergonomic machine design 

The Mastercast machine is engineered so that the top of the mold always sets 800mm from floor level. This ensures an optimal working height for installing reinforcement, anchors or other components.

For concrete products of different heights, the Mastercast is equipped with a system that raises all molds up to an uniform working height of 800 mm.