The VIHY Masterflex series, which includes the Masterflex SC 120, 160, 180 and 200 models, is the industry's best solution for the mass production of small-diameter concrete pipes.

Seria VIHY Masterflex, obejmująca modele Masterflex SC 120, 160, 180 i 200 jest najlepszym w branży rozwiązaniem do masowej produkcji rur z betonu o małej średnicy.

Based on the Vihymatic platform, the best-selling pipe-making machine for small diameter pipes is robust, easy to operate and highly efficient. In addition, the Masterflex system is designed and developed to operate in compact conditions and fit into the tightest building configurations.

With the ability to make concrete pipes from 100 - 600 mm in diameter and 600 -1500 mm in length on the SC 60 machine, and 200 - 1200 mm in diameter and 600 - 2500 mm in length on the SC 120 machine, the Masterflex series is ideal when flexible production is a must.

What products can be produced on the Masterflex machine:



Depending on the dimensions of the products being manufactured, the VIHY Masterflex machine can achieve up to 20 cycles per hour and is capable of producing up to 50,000 tons of concrete pipes per year with single-shift operation.


Masterflex CP 120 (diameter of products: 300 to 1200 mm; length: 2.5 m)
Masterflex CP 160 (diameter of products: 300 to 1600 mm; length: 2.5 m)
Masterflex CM 160 (diameter of products: 300 to 1600 mm; length: 1.2 m)
Masterflex CM 200 (diameter of products: 300 to 2000 mm; length: 1.2 m)

Advantages of VIHY MASTERFLEX:

 Full automation - for best work optimization 

The VIHY Masterflex machine is designed to run fully automatically. This allows the machine operator to perform other tasks around the machine during the production cycle, such as preparing forming rings for the next cycle and placing ring sets on products from the previous cycle. As a result, a high level of productivity can be achieved with less effort.

 Outstanding speed and power

Masterflex is equipped with synchronized core vibrators. The precision design of the vibrator and its design with oil-lubricated bearings allow for high output. This results in the highest possible compaction with minimal cement consumption - even under very adverse production conditions.

Depending on the machine model and product diameter, Masteflex can produce up to 103 pipes per hour using exclusive Multiform modules.

◎ Reliable concrete distribution 

To distribute concrete, Masterflex uses a rotary distributor from which concrete is automatically fed and evenly distributed into the molds. The filling process is guided by sensors that automatically shut off when the mold is full.

 De-molding in the machine - for cost reduction.

With the Masterflex system, the production of concrete products takes place below ground level.

After the filling, compaction and forming processes of the spigot ends are completed, Masterflex automatically raises the product to floor level, from where it is taken away by a forklift.

Another advantage of the Masterflex system is that there is no need for an overhead crane, which reduces investment costs.

Operation of the machine 

Most often, the Masterflex machine is used as a single machine with no circulation.

The products produced in the automatic cycle are picked up and taken by the operator by forklift to the curing area. The Masterflex machine can also be integrated with any degree of automation, including a fully automated production line.