VIHY MASTERMATIC series - super-efficient pipe making machines

The VIHY Mastrematic machine makes it possible to produce pipes with a high degree of concrete compaction using a relatively small amount of cement and produces pipes at a speed of more than one per minute.

Unique compaction technology through the use of a rising core maximizes production efficiency and ensures the highest pipe quality. Therefore, the Mastermatic XT is ideal for mass production of high-quality reinforced and unreinforced concrete pipes.

The mentioned advanced compaction technology with a rising core enables filling and de-molding up to 45% faster than in conventional fixed core processes, as well as relatively fast and uniform compaction of concrete along the entire length of the pipe. To maximize production capacity, up to three different pipe sizes can be produced at once on some machine models.

The Mastermatic can additionally be equipped with quick-change mold components that can be replaced within just thirty minutes.


Depending on the machine model and the produced pipe sizes, up to three different pipe sizes can be produced simultaneously. The Mastermatic XT is capable of producing up to 100,000 tons of product during single-shift operation.

VIHY Mastermatic - super-efficient pipe making machines are ideally suited for production:

Advantages of the system:

1. Compacting rising core:

Hawkeye Pedershaab's patented vibrating rising core (CRS) system quickly fills the mold and compacts the concrete, enabling the production of pipes with maximum concrete density and minimum cement content.

2. Fully automated operation: 

The production process with the VIHY Mastermatic is fully automated, reducing labor costs and enabling precise repeatable production cycles, ensuring that each product is of the same high quality as the others.

The machine's automation is driven by an easy-to-use PLC system that continuously records production data and provides this information for overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) analysis.

The flow of a typical Mastermatic production cycle: 

  • Dedicated conveyor feeders deliver concrete to the mold at each production station of the machine;
  • Using rising core technology with a compaction rotor system (CRS), the machine quickly fills and consolidates concrete;
  • The integrated spigot end molding process ensures precise and uniform positioning of the profile ring throughout the concrete filling cycle, which guarantees the correct pipe length;
  • The unloading can be done automatically or with an electric cart. Pallets are fed from the rear side of the machine, and finished products are picked up from the front side.

3. High productivity and flexibility:

With the VIHY Mastermatic, it is possible to produce 80,000 to 100,000 tons of product in a single shift. Depending on the machine model and size of pipe manufactured, up to three different pipe sizes can be produced simultaneously.

Since each Mastermatic station is equipped with separate feeding conveyors and control parameters, the machine can produce pipes of different diameters at each station without affecting quality. The benefit is a lower initial investment in mold equipment and greater production flexibility.

4. Rapid mold changeover:

Simple, quick-disconnect attachments and modular components for quick mold changeover eliminate the need for time-consuming setup and adjustment of molds on the machine and allow molds to be changed within just thirty minutes. This allows pipe manufacturers to react to sudden market demands.

5. No overhead crane required: 

Pipes are produced and de-molded in the machine, reducing construction and equipment costs by eliminating the need for a factory crane.

Once the filling, compaction and spigot end forming processes are completed, the Mastermatic automatically de-molds the finished product and hands it over for removal by a product cart or automatic receiving device. No overhead crane is needed, which both minimizes plant space and lowers investment costs.

6. Handling:

All pipe production processes in the Mastermatic are computer-controlled and fully automated. In addition, the finished pipe can be automatically removed from the machine or transported using a cart.

The Mastermatic vibropress can be installed as a stand-alone machine or integrated into a fully automated production line.

Optional features

The Mastermatic can be equipped with the following optional features:

  • Components for quick mold change
  • VARIO vibrator with infinitely adjustable amplitude in the production process
  • Automated pallet/reinforcement cage feeder with an oiling unit
  • Automated feeder for spigot end forming rings
  • Centering of reinforcement
  • Truck for tube transport
  • Acoustic screen


VIHY Mastermatic is available in 3 options:

VIHY® MASTERMATIC RC 60 – producing one pipe per cycle/pipe with a diameter of 250-600 mm and a maximum length of 2.5 m;

VIHY® MASTERMATIC XT 150 – production of one or two pipes per cycle / pipe with diameters of 250-600 mm (two pipes / cycle) or 700-1500 mm (one pipe / cycle) and a maximum length of 3 m; quick mold change option;

VIHY® MASTERMATIC XT 200 – production of three, two or one pipe per cycle / pipe diameters: 250- 600 mm (three pipes / cycle), 700 - 1000 mm (two pipes / cycle) or 1050 - 2000 mm (one pipe / cycle); maximum pipe length of 3 m.