ECORESIST - Concrete Pipe Liner System

The innovative BFS Ecoresist system for wastewater applications is a patented solution.

Designed for high performance Ecoresist enables the production of concrete pipes with a continuous, corrosion-resistant polymer inner lining.

The system is resistant to aggressive media, such as biogenic sulfuric acid, and offers high resistance to flush under pressure and complete water tightness.

These advantages, as well as BFS' know-how and after-sales service, make the Ecoresist system an ideal solution for durable sewer pipelines.


BFS Ecoresist pipes are safe and watertight.

BFS Ecoresist pipes equipped with polymer spigot and bell ends are securely surrounded by a load-bearing and bend-proof concrete sleeve or reinforced concrete body. This design guarantees resistance to high forces and easy handling during installation.

The bell and spigot end of the Ecoresist pipe are composed of prefabricated elements, resistant to impacts and shocks.

Features of the ECORESIST system:

The BFS Ecoresist system is simple to install

The installation of Ecoresist liners is facilitated by two ball head anchors and a spacer ridge embedded in the base of the bell basis.

◎  Fail-safe seal

The integrated sealing system prevents failures during installation and guarantees an absolute watertightness at 2.5 bar and the angular deflection and shear load specified in the standards.

Integration of Ecoresist liners using the FBS Souveraen machine

The Ecoresist liner system can be easily integrated with new and in-service BFS Souveraen packer head machines, known for their reliability and high production quality.

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