block high measuring system

Block height measuring system - technology for precise production optimisation

Manufacturers of precast concrete products are increasingly faced with the dilemma of which of the current market solutions will effectively optimise production and make a real difference in terms of productivity and product quality while simultaneously reducing costs. Will modernisation of the plant and investment in state-of-the-art equipment quickly pay off? Without investing in innovative technologies, is it still possible to compete in the market for high-quality products?

Observation of market trends suggests that without the above, it will become increasingly more difficult to compete, and effective production management is simply a necessity these days. In order to meet the challenges of the market, it will be necessary to consider investments in support solutions, in automation, in complex control and monitoring systems, in integration and data storage.

R&W's equipment (including, among others, the block height measuring system) is an ideal technology for the above trends, as it improves the quality of products by automatically and precisely optimising the production process.


How is the measurement of the blocks on the pallet carried out?

The height measuring of the concrete products on the board on the wet side is carried out using laser sensors at a frequency of 10,000 measurements per second. A high-performance line-measuring laser located on a special arm above the belt feeder of the pallets is paired with a system that allows real-time visualisation of the measurements. On the basis of a large number of readings, this browser-based system can indicate the height of the product based on the difference in distance from the surface of the product to the surface of the board. At the same time, it can visualise the cross-section of the paving block including the line of its top surface with high precision.

The vibro-press operator, having a very accurate picture of the product height at all times based on the three line lasers, is able to correct the machine settings accordingly. This is very helpful at the start of production of a new product range, immediately after a mould change and when adjusting the settings. Seeing the effect of changes in the machine settings makes it possible to achieve an even level of dimensionality of the products on the board quicker.

Demonstrations of the operation of the SHV 500 block height measuring system at Polish production sites in November 2019 and February 2020 confirmed the advantages described above. Operators were able to react very quickly to readings outside the dimensional tolerance. This included, for example, too low/large product heights at the front/rear edge of the board or along one of its side edges.

The reading with an accuracy of 0.1 mm and the ease with which tolerance levels can be determined therefore guarantee easy and fast operation. The compact design of the laser with a control unit containing software makes it possible to use any monitor at any location, including multiplexed screens with visualisation of current production. In addition, the SHV 500 system is modular in design and can be integrated seamlessly into almost any production line. An additional advantage is the service available 24 / 7.


In addition to the web-based visualisation system, the Windows-based visualisation software SHV-VISU is also available with additional functions. Among other things, it makes it possible to: save and archive reading results so that they can be displayed at any time and analysed or printed out as required. The SHV VISU visualisation software thus plays a very important role: it allows changes over time to be traced, certain settings to be revisited, errors to be caught and corrections to be made.

It is an ideal tool for storing and controlling the production process. You can read more about the software here.



In summary, the implementation of the SHV 500 system can bring measurable benefits in a short period of time: lower production costs by reducing rejects and complaints, optimisation of production in terms of product quality, which is consistent and of the highest quality after the implementation of the system.

The above advantages confirm that it is worth equipping a prefabrication plant with the SHV500 block height measuring system.