R&W Industrieautomation GmbH - supplier of intelligent measurement systems

25 years of experience

Precision. Strategy. Efficiency.


R&W - a supplier of innovative solutions for control and management systems for industry that has been on the market for 20 years - offers a full range of services: from the programming of drive technology to the planning, construction, installation and commissioning of production control and management systems and later maintenance of the network.

R&W Automation is a certified partner of Siemens. The strategic partnership with this provider of innovative solutions for industry is confirmed by certification: Siemens Solution Partner - Automation Drives.


Core business areas:

1. Industrial automation

In the field of industrial automation, we develop software solutions for PLCs and PCs, such as SIMATIC S5/S7/WinAC, 3S CoDeSys, Lenze DrivePLC, LabView, Indramat, B&R Automation.

2. Industrial communication        

R&W's industrial communication systems connect various field devices such as sensors, actuators and drives to control devices.

3. Human-machine interface HMI

Adapting to special customer requirements, we create process visualisations ranging from single-user systems to complete client/server architectures. For WinCC, WinCC Flexible, ProTool/Pro, B&R VisualComponents, C-based Systems. Using state-of-the-art laboratory technology and state-of-the-art engineering software, the company creates first-class products and innovative applications.

4. Machine - visualisation

For industrial image processing and sensor technology in automation, we offer solutions to various industries and industrial sectors for typical application areas such as quality control and machine control.


To meet the individual requirements of the precast concrete industry, R&W offers solutions for product height measurement and production data management:

◎   Height measurement and control systems


Product height measurement systems from R&W work precisely and simply. They enable non-contact height measurement of concrete products using laser distance sensors and provide production-relevant measurement results.

The measuring systems can be used with vibrating presses of all brands: they can be easily integrated into the control system of the production machine. They can also operate as stand-alone units.




◎   PDM (production data management system)