BFS - the world leader in precast concrete technology

BFS GmbH, headquartered in southern Germany, is a world leader in technology for manufacturing concrete pipes, manholes and other precast concrete products used in the construction of professional sewage and waste water infrastructure.

The company's origins date back to 1980, when it was founded as Baumgärtner Maschinenfabrik GmbH. From the beginning, it specialized in the technology of producing prefabricated elements of sewer systems, i.e. concrete pipes and manhole elements (manhole risers, rings, covers and cones).

In 2002, due to an ownership transformation, the company was renamed BFS GmbH (Betonfertigteilsysteme GmbH), and the Italian Casagrande - Impianti joined the company as BFS S.r.l..

In this way, BFS completed its product range with the production technology of pressure pipes and spun poles.

In total, BFS has produced around 400 precast concrete plants.

In 2018, BFS joined the US-based Afinitas Group together with the American-Danish company Hawkeye - Pedershaab.

BFS designs and supplies both semi-automated component plants and fully automated, customized complete turnkey production plants in a modular system. Using cutting-edge technology and know-how, BFS has established itself as a national and global innovator and leader.