Kraft Curing Systems GmBH - leader in controlled concrete curing technology

Since the mid-1990s, Kraft Curing has been steadily developing ways to accelerate the controlled curing of precast concrete products.

Today, the company offers systems that are used in all branches within the precast concrete industry. The continuous improvement of curing methods and the development of controlling systems for the concrete curing process makes it possible to increase the efficiency of the production process, reduce the amount of cement in the mix, equalise the durability level and the appearance of concrete products.

Kraft Curing Systems' European office is located in Lindern (Germany) and its US headquarters are in Fairless Hills, Pennsylvania (USA). The company's main activities are the design, manufacture, installation and service of equipment and systems for measuring, recording, controlling and accelerating the concrete curing process.

KRAFT CURING currently employs 40 full-time employees in offices in the USA and Germany, providing service for more than 1,000 concrete curing systems worldwide.


Accelerated Curing Systems for concrete products:

QUADRIX® – controlled heat and humidity delivery

NAUTILUS ™ – air circulation system for large chambers

VAPOR CURING – steam generators for precast concrete products

CONVECT-AIR® hot air circulation system

◎ THERMALCURE® concrete curing with radiant heat

 AUTOCURE® measuring and control technology

Complementary products:

Concrete curing tents

Tarp roller

Other systems for product care:

HOT ROCKS® aggregate heating system


◎ Insulated curing chambers